Industrial PMDC Motor

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Worm Gear PMDC Motor

The motor transmits rotation from the worm to the worm gear ,but not the opposite.

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Flange Mount PMDC Motor

Power :180 WATTS TO 560 WATTS Speeds :1000 RPM TO 3000RPM VOLTAGE :12/24/36/48/90/110/180VDC

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Foot Mount PMDC Motor

Power :180 WATTS TO 560 WATTS Speeds :1000 RPM TO 3000 RPM VOLTAGE :12/24/36/48/90/110/180VDC

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Inline Geared Motor

Power :100 WATTS TO 180 WATTS WORM GEARED :30 RPM TO 150 RPM INLINE GEARED :10 RPM TO 300RPM VOLTAGE :12/24/48/90/110/180VDC

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Techno Generator

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